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Maison Blanche - 2013 Maison Blanche - 2013
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Our general Assembly 2013 took place in United States where the chefs des chefs were invited by their colleague Cristeta Comerford , chef of the White House and by The Barclay Intercontinental and by The Willard Intercontinental in Washington D.C.

In New york between the preparation of a Buffet for the homeless at St Francis Xavier Mission and different gastronomic experiences at Blue Hill Farm ( Dan Barber), Benoit ( Ducasse), Bagatelle or Union Club, The chefs des chefs had the great honour to meet with General secretary Ban Ki moon at the United Nations .

On their way to Washington , the did a memorable stop in Pennsylvania in an Amish community , where they tasted exceptional natural products.
In the federal capital , they had a new gastronomic experience at Eve , Art Soul or Barmini (José Andres) and were invited by Ambassador Marshall ; Chief of Protocol of the State Depatment to participate to a conference concerning the Gastrodiplomacy and the key role they play in that field.

and the highlight of the week , has been the meeting in the White House on August 1st with President Barack OBAMA , who had the opportunity to greet these great chefs and thank them for the good dishes they have prepared for him during his different visits around the World

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