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Invited by Gregor ZIMMERMANN to discover the best of SWITZERLAND at the occasion of their 2015 annual meeting, the chefs des chefs started their visit in GENEVA where they were the guests of the Richemond hotel where they cooked a charity dinner for the Swiss Red Cross. After an official visit at the United Nations and at the Geneva Town Hall, they could taste the specialties of the Leman Lake before to reach Bern, after a beautiful day at GRUYERE.

In the federal capital, they had the chance to stay at The BELLEVUE PALACE where Urs BUHRER organized for them a beautiful State Dinner which has been attended by more than 50 ambassadors and among them, Ambassador LeVine, ambassador of The United States who invited the chefs des chefs in her private residence to discuss about gastrodiplomacy.

In BERN , the chefs had the honor to be received by Claude HÊCHE, President of the Swiss Senate, who let them discover the Confederation Palace.

Being not so far from MILANO, the chefs extended their Swiss program to visit the World EXPO in Milano. On their way, they could discover the Oona Caviar premises in Frutigen, an amazing place in the Bernese Alps before to be the guests of the RONDOLINO Family in their wonderful family home in Piemonte where they produce the most famous italian carnaroli rice.
In MILANO, the chefs des chefs had a very busy program at The EXPO, between the receptions at the Japonese Pavilion, the Thai Pavilion, The US Pavilion and the Monaco Pavilion … the chefs cooked a Sunday lunch for the elderly people at San Ambrosiano refettorio (Caritas).

To end their 2015 Meeting, the chefs prepared a charity dinner at the PRINCIPE Di SAVOIA hotel for the “Francesca RAVA” foundation who is working to provide medical care to the children of HAITI. The evening organized by Ezio INDIANI and sponsored by the PRINCIPE DI SAVOIA has been exceptional.

During their general Assembly, the chefs des chefs have accepted 3 new members in their very exclusive club: David DESTINOBLE , Chef of the P.M of Haiti, Taigo LEPIK, chef of the President of Estonia and Franck PANIER, Chef of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

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