Our team

Faye Gastronomie International brings together a versatile team, available, responsive, concerned with satisfying customers as well as possible.

« I’m a link, sometimes an essential link for certain destinations, for transporting local French products »

Dominique Faye

— Managing Director of Faye Gastronomie

The expression “to sit down to the table”, which means to make a confession, is a good indicator of the role that fine dining has in French culture: it is at the table, thanks to good food and great wines, that words become fruitful, memories come back and secrets come out.

It was actually while sitting at a table, but the one in his office, that Dominique Faye, founder and Director of Faye Gastronomie, was happy to answer our questions. Not to make confessions, but to deliver, with the enthusiasm, clarity and good humour that characterise him, the ingredients that make his company's reputation around the world: the land of his childhood, his family, his circle of producers, his optimism and this sense of detail learned from other cultures.

To achieve the supreme value, maintained day after day at Faye Gastronomie: reliability.

An instinct for service and a team spirit. It becomes second nature. Everyone is always ready to help others if needed. Faye Gastronomie International has a team that is versatile, available, responsive and keen to satisfy customers as much as possible. Delivering fresh and perishable gourmet products to the other side of the world requires respect for quality, discipline and unfailing professionalism. Faye’s employees add their motivation, dynamism and good humour to this.

Our engagements

Delivering fresh and perishable gourmet products to the end of the world requires respect for quality, rigor and unfailing professionalism. Faye's employees add their motivation, their dynamism, their good humor.