Au nom de la truffe

A passion 
for flavours

The Au Nom de la Truffe story began several years ago, one autumn lunchtime, when, along with a group of gourmet and pleasure-loving friends, we decided to open a pop-up store selling wine and truffles in a nice and trendy area of the capital for the end of year celebrations. We kept our promise, and a few weeks later, the store had opened its doors. The products were popular, customers came and returned and we all took great pleasure in exchanging, sharing and discussing great recipes and products and meeting people. Pop-up stores usually end with imminent closure of the store a few months, but it’s unthinkable that the adventure stops here!

Our passion for Acomycete Ectomycorrhizal, in other words, Tuber Melanosporum, and Tuber Magnatum, more commonly known as black truffles and white truffles, as well as our curiosity led to us meeting with a truffle farmer (3rd generation) based in Vaucluse.

Our initiation into the very closed world of truffles was now complete. We’d fallen in love with the region and were already dreaming about travelling around France with our baskets of truffles and meeting our customers.

Au Nom de la Truffe was born and our enthusiasm was unstoppable!

Au Nom de la Truffe now has more friends than ever: fine dining restaurants, starred chefs and especially our private customers, with whom we love sharing our passion. We also love other species (Tuber Aestivum, Tuber Uncinatum, Tuber Brumale, etc.). Located in Vaucluse, in addition to the famous black diamond, we offer healthy, tasty, affordable and carefully designed products made from black truffles and white truffles.

Thomas Poultry
factory - Vendée

You cannot sell exceptional products to the best starred chefs without being yourself a lover of good things.