Thomas Poultry 
Factory - Vendée

A passion 
for flavours

Coming from poultry farming families in the Vendée region,Jean Hugues and Karine Soulard now run the Thomas poultry factory. Born in Vendée, these two managers have long been trusted poultry suppliers to Faye Gastronomie before joining the group.

Like this hen from Challans, in the Vendée, who runs free in the grass with her fellow creatures, from sunrise to sunset. If it's too cold, if it's raining or if it's starting to go dark, she'll quickly take shelter in the big chicken coop. If it's too warm, she’ll take a nap under a tree. On her leg, she wears a metal ring placed by hand by the breeder, which is a guarantee of her rigorous selection and total traceability. Later, she’ll be awarded the precious Label Rouge, the Legion of Honour for French poultry.

This certification guarantees both its free-range breeding and the quality of its feed: 100% plants, including at least 75% cereals. Without forgetting respect for the environment and animal well-being.

You don't sell exceptional products to the best starred chefs without being a food lover yourself. In the Faye family, we especially enjoy poultry, a true family emblem, as well as white truffles, the last exceptional product that people cannot cultivate. Anne-Cécile Faye is particularly fond of black Melanosporum truffles, which she serves as an appetiser in her Sancerre Rive Gauche Restaurant. Preserving the flavours of these extraordinary products so that they can be enjoyed by food lovers worldwide demands exceptional standards and know-how. And a complete relationship of trust with the producers. This also presupposes a perfect knowledge of the seasonality of the products.

Burgundy Poultry Brown

Our fresh truffles are served on the greatest starred tables in Paris after being washed after harvest and then selected..