The 3 Étoiles, a tribute to
excellence, is published by the Faye group.

Exporting products 
of excellence

Especially for the great French restaurants in London, Tokyo, New York, Dubai, etc. In France, Chefs are usually in direct contact with their preferred producers, but in case of emergency, they often call on Faye Gastronomie. “When a Parisian Chef calls at 11:55 am to have truffles for his lunch service, he knows he can count on us” says Edgar Faye. As for their top recommendations, the Chefs often entrust them to Dominique Faye and his team, to open the doors up to export. Like this breeder of exceptional Poitou pigeons that Joël Robuchon recommended to him one day. This is partly how, year after year, Faye Gastronomie's invaluable portfolio of 500 suppliers and producers has been built up. The “crème de la crème”, as we say in English. Thanks to word-of-mouth among top Chefs.


Faye Gastronomie also maintains this closeness to the firmament of fine cooking by publishing the 3 Étoiles magazine, which the company became the owner of in 2010. Edited by famous food critic, Maurice Beaudoin, each issue of this prestigious quarterly invites the reader to take a curious and indulgent look behind the scenes of Haute Cuisine and the French Art of Living. We meet the great starred Chefs, who willingly open up and allow us to enter their kitchens, where so many secrets of the trade are hidden: Anne-Sophie Pic, Alain Passard, Yannick Alléno, Guy Savoy, Joël Robuchon, the Troisgros dynasty…

We also get to discover the young talents of tomorrow and new restaurants, in France and abroad. We get to know the exceptional artisans of gastronomy, without whom there would be no haute cuisine: breeders, producers, refiners, market gardeners, butchers, delicatessens, winemakers, etc. And of course, this magazine dedicated to the pleasures of dining doesn’t fail to delight our taste buds by presenting exquisite culinary inventions and even some remarkable recipes.

This delightful magazine allows Faye Gastronomie both to maintain a special relationship with Chefs and producers, but also to highlight these exceptional men and women. It also means we can give food lovers an insight into all the requirements and the pleasures of doing things well, which are behind the best products. 


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