Our Profession

The requirement in the service of a devouring passion

From the producer
to the customer

We are located at Rungis international market, the biggest market for fresh produce in the world, which concentrates all the administrative and logistical infrastructures we need for our trading and export business. Our role is to select the products, to check their quality and freshness, because trust in our suppliers does not rule out inspections, to carry out administrative procedures and to deliver to our customers, wherever they are at the given time.

We take care of all of these steps:

- Sourcing and control of products

- Packaging appropriate for the transport of fresh, dry or frozen products

- Labelling according to the language and legislation of the country

- Certifications: of origin, health, phytosanitary, legalisation, etc.

- Transit formalities for land, sea and air shipments

- Bundling: multi-product container consolidation

Around the world

We source our supplies from 500 suppliers, some of which are exclusive. Our customers are importers, distributors, major hotels and starred chefs that we deliver to in a around one hundred countries: Europe and the Far East, the United States, the Middle East, the Gulf countries, Asia, Africa, etc.

Home delivery

Do your shopping in the Faye store and take advantage of home delivery available everywhere in France.