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land, people and time.
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I learned to work diligently and with an infinite sense of detail


We are located at Rungis international market, the biggest market for fresh produce in the world, which concentrates all the administrative and logistical infrastructures we need for our trading and export business. Our role is to select the products, to check their quality and freshness, because trust in our suppliers does not rule out inspections, to carry out administrative procedures and to deliver to our customers, wherever they are at the given time.

Our Selection

We sell caviar, truffles, salmon, foie gras, deli meats, wines and much more. Enjoy a wide range of exceptional products from our delicatessen.

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Store at the Faye store and take advantage of home delivery available everywhere in France.

« We’re proud to come from the countryside »


The South-West of France has its finest foies gras, Bordeaux has its Grands Crus and Brittany has its lobsters, because the sea has its own “local produce” too, so to speak. And above all, over the years, Faye Gastronomie has forged ties of trust with approximately 500 small producers, breeders, market gardeners, winemakers and oyster farmers, which are the “personal recommendations” of the greatest starred chefs. Faye Gastronomie provides most the demanding chefs and connoisseurs worldwide with rare and precious references.

A passion for flavours


Anyone who has been fortunate enough, once in their life, to go into the kitchen of a large starred restaurant when there’s a “bit of a hurry on”, will have seen an image of excellence before their very eyes. To reach the pinnacle of gastronomy, technique, speed and experience must be combined at the highest level, in a perfectly orchestrated choreography. And all of that, using outstanding products.